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All About Spain

Part 1  ‘All about Spain’, well I have been asked to explain a few things about living in Spain.

How difficult is it to move to Spain, what are the legal things I would need to know, is it expensive to live there, what about the language problems.

Well expensive I would say in general not, cars are expensive as are motorcycles if you buy one. Regarding running costs, fuel I find pretty much the same as the UK. Car tax is incredible, I have an eco car and my tax was 18.95€ for the year. You have to an ITV on your car every two years up to the age of ten years. ITV is about 40€ approx. which is good value for a two year period and proves the vehicle is road worthy. In regards to servicing, we have all the main dealers operating in Spain but also have independent garages.


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All About Spain by BarryHaylor