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Once again I am writing about Instagram.

Are they trying to kill the business, or just inept and relying on AI computers to run their business. I have first hand knowledge of their business model having had an account for most of 2019, and with over 7500 followers. But time after time I get problems, and I am not the only one, I have contact with users who have a lot more followers than me, twice as much if not more. We have experienced problems over the months with Instagram, but currently it has become even worse. They seem to have changed their algorithm and it is a major problem. If you use ig you will know you click onto anyone who wants to follow you, but what I am experiencing is you click on, click on and once more you do, the name keeps returning so you could click on a dozen or more times.

Now you would think ok just get in touch with ig and tell them the problem, oh no this is not possible, they never answer any of the normal avenues of contact (as written about in previous blog) they in fact have taken down all email contact expecting you to use their app to make contact. Yes maybe a good idea, but no its not they never answer you however many times you send a question.

So what do I think, well I think their business model is too successful they have lost focus on one part, us the user they have no interest at all.




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