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So here we go again with Instagram, I have been locked out of my account for a total of three days now. I have two accounts with over 8500 followers, but for some reason i am locked out. And of course the big thing is, you cannot find out why, no one tells you, its all computerized so a machine is doing this not a human being. It tells you something about technology that maybe we should be worried about. Now don’t get me wrong, i love technology, i love gadgets so i am not against it but sometimes , just maybe we need a human view as well. Now over these three days i cannot follow or unfollow anyone, and my account has dropped by fifty followers in this time.

Now that is nothing, a german instagramer lost 100,000 followers and had her account closed, Vanesa pur had her account closed overnight for no reason at all. But fighting for her 100k followers she managed to get her account open and all followers back.

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