This website is about my experiences and life in Spain. It includes photos of where to go and what to do. If you like cycling and walking come here. The people, cities & villages are friendly and welcoming and the food is different and tasty. The roads are some of the best in Europe and the panoramic views from the mountains are really something to see. It is easy to travel by motorcycle, car or public transport with some of the fastest trains in the world and the quietest motorways in Europe with many interesting routes and heritage to explore.

To help people in this area I publish details below of some of the products that I buy and use daily in my life in Spain.

One of my hobbies is exploring the area of Spain in which I live on my Harley Davidson motorcycle. I am the director of the FreeSpirits local Harley riders group.

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  • A Guide To The Costa Blanca Benidorm, Alicante

    A Guide To The Costa Blanca Benidorm, Alicante

    This is an affiliate link to Amazon. The Costa Blanca is a holiday paradise on the western Mediterranean coast of Spain. One of the most popular vacation destinations …Read More »


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  • Neewer Microphone Stand

    Neewer Microphone Stand

    This is my latest piece of kit I have purchased for my YouTube project. You know what the say, without the tools you cant do the job. Well I bought …Read More »
  • Instagram the trouble with

    Instagram the trouble with

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  • YouTube Channel

    YouTube Channel

    I now have a YouTube channel, Barry Haylor All About Spain This is all about Spain, the people, restaurants, the area I live in, on the Northern Costa Blanca. Videos …Read More »
  • All About Spain

    All About Spain

    Part 1  ‘All about Spain’, well I have been asked to explain a few things about living in Spain. How difficult is it to move to Spain, what are the …Read More »
  • Rode SC7 Adaptor

    Rode SC7 Adaptor

      This is another part of what you need if you are recording on a  mobile. This is the correct connection and will make sure your Rode microphone works well …Read More »
  • YouTube  Barry Haylor All About Spain

    YouTube Barry Haylor All About Spain

      I have now launched my YouTube channel, the channel is the same as my Instagram page,  All About Spain. Basically you will see videos of the Marina Alta on …Read More »

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