Wedding Photography

EASA Drone Pilot

Recently, I have been including drone footage in my Youtube videos, and the feedback from viewers has been very complimentary. Drone photography gives a totally different perspective of a location; shows off spectacular views and scenery; acts as a virtual story-teller, adding a sense of scale as well as drama and decadence.

I am a fully qualified, legal and insured EASA drone pilot so can offer my services to capture memories of special events – a wedding, party, opening event or other special occasion. Or perhaps to survey possible roof damage or assess building security.

The aerial photography and video recording will give you an unforgettable and creative record that supercedes the traditional photo album by far.

In the last month, I have been commisioned to create videos by the owners of Saga restaurant in Moraira, and the luxury furniture store Lujo in Teulada to promote the venues and what they offer.

Contact me without obligation to discuss your needs, and I will quote the best price I can.