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Canon 800d Camera

The Canon 800d is an excellent tool for blogging or just taking photos With a set of versatile features in an elegant and portable body, the Canon EOS 800D DSLR offers advanced image processing capabilities along with a convenient range of controls and connectivity. Using a 24.2MP CMOS APS-C sensor and a DIGIC 7 …

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I have posted about Instagram before but they are getting worse, whether its AI or human control they are out of control!!! This is Vanessa Pur, she woke up on a Sunday and her Instagram account of sum 100.000 followers was closed. After campaigning against Instagram they re-instated the account and all her followers. Since …



So here we go again with Instagram, I have been locked out of my account for a total of three days now. I have two accounts with over 8500 followers, but for some reason i am locked out. And of course the big thing is, you cannot find out why, no one tells you, its …


YouTube Channel

I now have a YouTube channel, Barry Haylor All About Spain This is all about Spain, the people, restaurants, the area I live in, on the Northern Costa Blanca. Videos uploaded every Wednesday for you to watch and enjoy.

All About Spain

Part 1  ‘All about Spain’, well I have been asked to explain a few things about living in Spain. How difficult is it to move to Spain, what are the legal things I would need to know, is it expensive to live there, what about the language problems. Well expensive I would say in general …

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Rode SC7 Adaptor

  This is another part of what you need if you are recording on a  mobile. This is the correct connection and will make sure your Rode microphone works well Amazon price 9.90€   With 2 male genders Plated gold connectors 2 x Jack 3.5 mm connector adapter Length of 40 cm